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Get Booked Today! Grab this list of organizations, associations, and corporations that hire speakers for their events or training.

Once you download the list here are a few tips.

Call them and ask when they have their yearly conference or workshops and ask when the call for proposals (CFP)opens

Jot down that date and be the first one to submit your proposal (we have a free proposal creator on our site you can use). Also use the Speaking Lead Organizer to keep good notes of everything.

I also recommend sending a postcard to the person you spoke with via snail mail thanking them for their time. This makes you stand out from the crowd no one uses snail mail anymore. Nothing complicated just short and sweet.

One more step is to find them on social and like their stuff, leave genuine comments, share, give value - do this at least a few times a week.

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Speaking Lead Organizer works perfectly with the List of 700 Places to Speak. Keeps you organized and on track.
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