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Make a Recurring $60,000 Monthly From Doing One Free Speaking Gig!

Learn how you can easily make 60k + every single month from doing only one free speaking gig! Imagine the possibilities!

There are thousands of speaking opportunities every day; some are paid, and some are free, but sometimes the free events are easier to get, especially for newer speakers. So, let’s take advantage of these!

I’m going to teach you the possibilities of leveraging free speaking events. After listening and implementing what you’ve learned in my masterclass, you won’t even care or stress anymore about finding events that pay you a stage fee.


1. MasterClass Training Video
2. PDF Workbook
3. Bonus: Gig Tracker
4. Listen on the Go!
5. Plus, a surprise!

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Proposal Email Template

Incredibly Classy Attention-Grabbing Email Proposal Template.  Access will be emailed to you.
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How to Find the Right Speaking Gigs for You Workshop

There are thousands of speaking opportunities every day; some are paid, and some are free. But, the question is are they the right speaking opportunities for me?

I’m going to teach you in this class how to find the speaking gigs that are the right fit for you.

Knowing what you're going after and staying consistent is KEY.

So, sit back, and watch this training. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy. Better yet download the How to Find Speaking Gigs workbook to complement this masterclass. You will also find a bonus, the Gig Tracker to help you stay focused and on track. 

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